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Rifof Construction is a construction-based company aimed at delivering high-quality results in residential, hotels, commercial, and industrial construction projects. The company is led by Mr. Sandeep Verma, a highly qualified and experienced Civil Construction professional with 16+ years of industry experience.

His expertise in Construction Management, aligned with his strategic leadership skills, makes him stand out from the others. Being a responsible business leader and a collaborative team player, his ethical and leadership qualities speak for themselves. His mission is to bring pioneering change in the construction industry.

Home Construction

We tend to fill the gap between the need and demand for home buildings.

Home Renovation

A refreshment take place when you plan your house to remodel, it can be alluring to go for exciting stage

Commercial Offices Construction

Our immersion of modern technologies and remarkable skilled human talent touch the heights.

Turnkey Projects

We Rifof Construction is pioneering into different projects building homes such as independent floors, homes,

Industrial Building Construction

We are having comprehensive approach to our designs and solutions to the industry.

Project Management

Proper execution of our work experiences and skills has become the company's hallmark



To provide quality workmanship and customer services and maintain the higher level of professionalism, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, employees and vendors.



Our company vision is to become a leader in the home building construction. Our focus and effort are continually driven towards constantly improving our reputation as builders known for quality residential homes, commercial and industrial projects.


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Our experiences, planning and execution save your time, escape you from legal issues and avoid unnecessary expenses. There are various requirements and hurdles to build any concrete in a community but our exclusive team perform continuous efforts to reach the maximum potential and the power of utility.


Rifof construction as an in- house solution began the journey in 2004 through the regress work in the arena of civil construction and financial services by Mr. Sandeep Verma. He started the business At the initial level as a civil engineer and financial service provider and gain profound benefit of his education from construction industry. He gained the experience of client's needs and customer centric approach for attaining higher level of projects. This approach helped him as a company to grow and nourish as a family.


Our vigour building blocks stood out from other constructionist on account of our supreme quality of construction material by Rifof Construction. Our experienced class researcher's and skillfull building developers work in various arena of construction industry. An alliance of potential material with the requirment of specific construction is the fundamental structure for any dream come true.